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MISEREOR Lenten Campaign 2014

Courage means giving, when all are taking.

Meditation on the poster for the MISEREOR Lenten Campaign 2014

Courage means giving, when all are taking.


The human sin
you call climate change
has turned
Mother Earth
into a desert of dust,
the sun
that dispels the dark
into a searing oven,
and the water
that refreshes and gives life
into an unpredictable torrent.

And yet
this place is still home
to man and beast,
to me, Pukas,
a young girl,
who dreams of one day
being a teacher,
having happy children,
living in a country
with a turbulent past.

A gentle wind
that should bring relief,
often takes my breath away
but never my hope.

For I believe
that God will
not allow His Creation
to be torn from His grasp
that He
through His earth
through His sun
through His light
through His air
and through all His elements
– despite all this –
go on
feeding our famished love and
quenching our parched desires.

Alexander Lohner

Translation from the German
by Aingeal Flanagan, Cologne

How many loaves do you have? – The MISEREOR Lenten Veil


An everyday question, this is what Jesus asks his friends. Thousands of men, women and children have been forming a crowd around him for hours, eager to listen to him. Now they are hungry.

How many loaves do you have?

We know the story of the multiplication of the loaves very well. It is one of the fundamental texts of Christianity, and of MISEREOR’s work. A simple question lifts people out of their usual routine and forces them to act.

Being hungry – every human being knows this feeling. A vital reflex. Here in Europe, when we speak of being hungry, most of the time we are referring to a slightly hollow feeling in the stomach that tells us it’s time for a meal. Then we go to the fridge and get something to eat.

There are one billion people who can’t just get something to eat, because they have neither a fridge nor the money to buy the most basic food. They are starving. They are not just hungry for a moment or two; they suffer hunger for days or even months. Seventy per cent of those who go hungry around the world are women and children. The proportion of people afflicted by hunger is rising once again. The absolute number of people going hungry today – one billion – is higher than it was 40 years ago.

This is a scandal, bearing in mind that there is enough food for all and that despite the rising world population no one would have to starve. The fight against hunger remains one of the key issues to which MISEREOR is passionately committed alongside the poor in numerous projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and at the political level.

The artist Ejti Stih contrasts this deprivation with God’s promise of abundant life, from which no one is excluded any longer.


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How do we wish to live, and how will live?

Setting an agenda for a world without hunger

Fundamentals of the MISEREOR Lenten Campaign 2014 (pdf, 401 KB)