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MISEREOR is a movement

MISEREOR was established by the German Bishops’ Conference 50 years ago as an organisation emerging from a broad movement of German Catholics who wished to help their sisters and brothers in need. And to this day the agency would be inconceivable without its numerous supporters. Groups and committed individuals, children, youths and adults invest a huge amount of time and effort in drawing attention to injustices and inspiring others to join the struggle against hunger and poverty.

Only very few of MISEREOR’s donors are wealthy. Many sacrifice the satisfaction of their own wishes to benefit the disadvantaged. And they give more than just their money. Each donation carries with it the message: 'We are thinking of you. We are close by. You are important to us!' In this way MISEREOR becomes a bridge between people in Germany and the poor in Africa, Latin America and Asia. MISEREOR and
its partners therefore work in awareness of the fact that they are intermediaries who make this global solidarity possible. All those involved share one concern: a more just world.

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If many little people
in many little places
do many little deeds
they can change
the face of the earth.

African proverb