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The effectiveness of support

MISEREOR projects are designed to help enable poor people improve their living conditions and initiate processes of social and political transformation. The changes brought about by the project work must be monitored, regardless of whether they are expected or unexpected. MISEREOR therefore enables its target groups and partners to assess, evaluate and report on these project effects.

This outcome and impact assessment provides project actors with the basis on which to intervene and steer processes, and generates lessons learned that can be utilised in future projects. At the same time, it is also important that both we ourselves and our partners document outcomes and impacts for purposes of external accountability.

Effects of development cooperation

Cross-section evaluations

Cross-section evaluation of MISEREOR supported Gender Projects in Uganda (pdf, document provided in English by external consultants, 776 KB)

Evaluation of three rural development projects in Liberia (pdf, document provided in English by external consultants, 10 MB)

Cross-section evaluation of two primary education projects in South Sudan (pdf, document provided in English by external consultants, 1 MB)

For further reports on cross-section evaluations please see the pages in Spanish, Portuguese and French of this website. 

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Consultants for locally commissioned evaluations in Latin America

On the Spanish and Portuguese version of this website, you have access to a database of a total of approx. 80 independent local consultants for evaluations.

Access to database in Spanish

Access to database in Portuguese

Effects in development cooperation

What does MISEREOR understand by ‘effects’ in development cooperation, and how can effects, outcomes and impacts be assessed? The film seeks to explore these questions on the basis of practical examples of project work at the grassroots.

Methods of outcome and impact assessment

How can MISEREOR’s partner organisations ensure that the people with whom they work are actively involved in the monitoring and evaluation of their projects? Complementing the film on ‘effects’, this film shows and explains methods of participatory outcome and impact assessment in development projects.