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Publications on "Climate change"

Policy paper Habitat III

Climate policy in Cities without forced evictions (PDF, 260 KB)

Climate change and justice

Climate change and agriculture

Guiding Principles and Recommendation for climate policies in regards to agriculture.

Agriculture: from Problem to Solution Achieving the Right to Food in a Climate-Constrained World. Guiding Principles and Recommendations. CIDSE 2012 (pdf, 1,6 MB)

Short Paper serious on Climate Smart Agriculture and Carbon Markets

Those papers are partly based on the following papers that have been commissioned by MISEREOR:

Climate change and forests


Policy document "Bioenergy" (pdf, 105 KB) Bioenergy amid the competing demands of climate change mitigation and poverty reduction
This publication is also available in Spanish (pdf, 130 KB) French (pdf, 130 KB) and Portuguese (pdf, 130 KB)

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