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Publications on "Food security and agriculture"

"Foreign Direct Investment in Agri-Food Networks in India and Sub-Saharan Africa" Study by Martin Franz and Philip Müller (2015)

"Who feeds the world?" (pdf, 1,1 M) The European Union's agricultural policy and hunger in the developing countries.
With this brochure, MISEREOR aims to contribute towards explaining the complex links between world agricultural trade and its impacts on developing nations as well as to highlight ways in which an EU agricultural policy could focus on the interests of small farmers in the southern continents and farmers in Europe.
This study is available in German (pdf, 1 M) and French (pdf, 1 MB)

Rural development

  • Documentation "Strengthening people-led development - a joint effort of local communities, NGOs and donors to redefine participation" (pdf, 6 MB)
    The publication documents field experiences made by MISEREOR partners in Asia in strengthening people-led development processes. MISEREOR has initiated reflection processes with partner organisations and their partner communities on how to facilitate ‘real’ participation and ownership by local communities of development initiatives. Open communication, peer learning and creating spaces for experiential learning are important elements of such development processes.

  • "Con paciencia vamos lejos" (With perseverance and patience we will go a long way) – The significance of smallholder farming to rural development
    The publication "Con paciencia vamos lejos" emerged from joint reflection between  MISEREOR consultants and Latin American partners with longstanding experience in the provision of advisory services to smallholder families and groups in sustainable agriculture. The publication proposes a definition of the concept of smallholder farming embedded in the specific Latin American context. At the same time, variables and criteria gained from practical work experience and allowing the measurement of outcomes and impacts of processes of sustainable agriculture are presented.
    This document is available only in Spanish (pdf, 1 MB)
  • "Economía Campesina" (Smallholder economy) – What criteria can we use to analyse the economic and social performance of our sustainable production systems? A summary.
    This document is available only in Spanish (pdf, 150 KB)

Sustainable agriculture

Patents on life

Report "The future of seeds and food under the growing threat of patents and market concentration (pdf, 581 KB)


  • Flyer on the 'Manuel des Analyses…' workbook
    This 3-volume workbook focuses on socio-economic surveys as the first step to finding an appropriate and sustainable solution to the question of supplying the poor with water. It is a practical aid when conducting surveys and calculating both the real costs of hydraulic engineering structures and the cost-covering price of water for individual users. The manual is intended for professional players in the water sector. The flyer provides an overview of the content of the manual's three volumes.
    The workbook is available in French (pdf, 1,3 MB) and can be ordered by e-mail to Renee.Koettgen@misereor.de


Booklet "Save our rice" (pdf, 3,1 MB) Famer based initiatives to end hunger in Asia

Right to food

FAO note "Voluntary guidelines (pdf, 197 KB) to support the progressive realization of the right to adequate food in the context of national food security"

Access to markets

Can market access in the North to agricultural exports from the
South have positive impacts on poverty reduction and sustainable
development? - Draft (pdf, 27 KB) presented for discussion to prepare a MISEREOR position paper
Available in French (145 KB).

Ecofair trade

  • Leaflet "Ecofair trade dialogue" (pdf,165 Kb)
    The ECOFAIR Trade Dialogue is a project carried out in cooperation with Misereor. The overall aim of this project is to enrich the debate on the reform of the current regime of global agricultural trade by developing and recommending forward looking guidelines and instruments, taking the concept of food sovereignty and sustainable agriculture as reference points.
    This leaflet is only available in English.
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Impacts of farmer-led sustainable agriculture in the Philippines

The MISEREOR partner organisation MASIPAG has conducted a ground-breaking study of farmer-led sustainable agriculture in the Philippines. Incorporating the experiences of 840 organic, partially organic and conventional farmers, the study is one of the largest ever undertaken on organic rice-based agricultural systems or on sustainable agriculture in Asia.

You are welcome to download the documentation on the MASIPAG website