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Publications on "Health"


  • Thematic Contribution: "Promising responses to HIV and AIDS in agriculture, rural development, self-help and social protection" (pdf, 1MB)
    This document was conducted as a desk study and provides useful information and practical examples of responses to HIV and AIDS in the fields of agriculture, rural development, self-help and social protection. It aims to invite Misereor partners and others working in these fields to reflect on their current approaches and to encourage them to respond, in their core business, to the challenges presented by HIV and AIDS.
  • Guide on Responding to HIV/AIDS" (pdf, 5,5 MB)
    - A Practitioner's Guide to Mainstreaming in Development Projects
    The guide provides comprehensive information on HIV/AIDS mainstreaming and assists project staff to identify ways to effectively address the root causes of HIV infection and to mitigate the effects of HIV and AIDS on their core activities. It also addresses HIV and AIDS issues concerning staff within an organization. 
    The guide was developed and revised in conjunction with Misereor partners in the South. Many of the examples and explanations were taken from African contexts; nevertheless the guide is designed to be used also in Asian and Latin American countries. Therefore you will also find references to non-African countries in this guide.
    • Responding to HIV and AIDS: HIV and AIDS as a development issue and introduction to the mainstreaming concept
    • Root causes of HIV infection and effects of HIV and AIDS
    • Mainstreaming: A practical guide
    • Good practice examples of HIV/AIDS mainstreaming
    • Seeking pathways within and beyond your organisation
    Development organisations can order up to three copies via e-mail (renee.koettgen@misereor.de). Please indicate for what purpose you intend to use the Guide.
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