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      Just €2 a month to help children

      "I would like to support your street children project, but I am still a trainee and don't have much money to spare. Is there any way I can help?"

      After being asked this question so many times, we came up with the idea of launching the "Just €2 a month to help children" campaign.

      What we wanted to achieve:

      • to fix a small sum that would allow people to help children and young people;
      • to get regular donations that would help needy children in the long run;
      • to allow people to be part of a large community that can really make a difference.

      €2 a month is a sum that almost everyone can afford and that can give many children and young people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America a better start in life. The €2 community has been growing and growing since 2003. We know from day-to-day experience that €2 really can make a difference!

      The more people that donate just €2 a month, the more we can:

      • alleviate hardship,
      • provide shelter,
      • facilitate education,
      • foster participation,
      • secure human rights.

      In short, it can help us give children a future.

      To find out more about this campaign, please visit the German-language website www.2-euro-helfen.de

      I support Misereor
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      • Through more than 100,000 Projects
      • In Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America
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