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      Change the world with just €2

      Together with many supporters and project partners, we enable children and young people to take their future into their own hands and stand up for their rights.

      Nada Al Myr, project leader: ‘You and I learn together with refugee children in Lebanon.’

      ‘I'm still a trainee and don’t have much money to spare, but I want to do something good and support your projects. Is that possible?’

      Yes, it is! Just support our €2 campaign. 

      The guiding principle of Misereor’s €2 campaign is; when many people join hands and each person donates just a small amount of money per month, together they raise a large sum that can make a difference. The money goes to different projects in Rwanda, Lebanon, Myanmar, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Chad, Laos and other countries that are designed and implemented by local people. All of these projects put children and young people centre stage. Below you can find two such projects as examples.

      School for All!

      Hundreds of thousands of children and young people who were forced to leave their homes in Syria have found refuge in Lebanon. Most of these boys and girls have not attended school for a long time. What is more, options for education available in Lebanon are limited. One of Misereor's project partners, the Jesuit Refugee Service, has brought about change; its employees have founded schools that provide free education for all. 

      By donating just €2 per month, you contribute to the salaries of the social workers and support a Syrian child in school.

      Art heals the soul

      On the outskirts of Cape Town, thousands of children and young people live in informal settlements. Everyday life is characterised by poverty, violence, alcohol, drugs and abuse. Many of the boys and girls are traumatised. In the Butterfly Art Project, art therapists work with the children to transform their experiences into art, to talk about their fears and to help them come to terms with them.

      By donating just €2 per month, you support the training of art therapists and help them to buy handicraft and painting materials for a child for one year.

      To find out more about this campaign, please visit the German-language website www.2-euro-aktion.de or have a look at our Instagram page 2 Euro-Aktion (@2euroaktion) | Instagram

      I support Misereor
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