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      Postal address
      Postfach 101545
      52015 Aachen

      Office address
      Mozartstrasse 9
      52064 AACHEN
      PHONE: +49/241/4420
      FAX: +49/241/442188

      Please send us your project proposals and funding requests by conventional mail only, and with full documentation. Thank you!

      How to get to the Misereor Head Office in Aachen

      Going by train from Düsseldorf, Köln/Bonn or Frankfurt (Main) airports to Aachen

      You have arrived at one of the three international airports of Düsseldorf, Köln/Bonn or Frankfurt (Main). On all those airports, there is a train station close to the terminal(s). At Frankfurt (Main) airport, please make sure you proceed to the rail station for long-distance trains (Fernbahnhof), not to the regional station (Regionalbahnhof). Going by train from either Düsseldorf or Köln/Bonn airports to Aachen main station takes about 1½ hours, from Frankfurt airport about 2½ hours. As there is a variety of different connections, we can only give these approximate durations of travel. If you visit Deutsche Bahn's website www.bahn.com, you will be able not only to view the individual train services and connections but to buy your ticket online and print it out. Some air tickets, however, already include the transfer to destination by train. Walking from Aachen main station to the Misereor Head Office

      It only takes about 10 minutes to walk from Aachen Hauptbahnhof (main station) to Misereor.
      Please leave the station hall by the main entrance. On the square in front of the station, turn left and walk along Lagerhausstrasse, past a small park on your left. At the next big crossroads, turn left into Mozartstrasse (along the red brick wall). After a further c. 200 meters, you will see the Misereor Head Office on your left-hand side.

      Going by car

      Approaching the city of Aachen on the A 4 motorway, please exit the same at the junction called 'Aachen-Zentrum'.

      Turn onto Krefelder Strasse southbound towards the city centre of Aachen, then turn right into Ludwigsallee. Now continue on the following semicircular route around the city centre: Pontwall, Turmstrasse, Junkerstrasse, Schanz, Boxgraben. Then please turn right into Mozartstrasse. After a further c. 200 meters, you will see the Misereor Head Office on your left-hand side.
      Approaching Aachen on the E 40 from Belgium, please exit the motorway at the junction called 'Aachen-Lichtenbusch' right after the border, then continue following Monschauer Strasse, Siegelallee, Salierallee, Eupener Strasse, Krugenofen, Burtscheider Strasse over the bridge, and right after the bridge turn left into Reumontstrasse to follow the same until you reach Mozartstrasse.

      If you arrive on the A 44 from the Northeast, you can exit the motorway at 'Aachen-Brand', turn left into Trierer Strasse and further on either into Oppenhoffallee or, earlier, into Adenauerallee, Siegelallee etc. (see above).

      Unfortunately, Misereor has only very little parking space on its premises, so that you may have to use public parking facilities.
      Thank you very much for your attention, and have a safe journey.

      I support Misereor
      • Development support provided since 1958
      • Through more than 100,000 Projects
      • In Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America
      Donate by bank transfer: IBAN DE75 3706 0193 0000 1010 10 - BIC: GENODED1PAX - Pax-Bank Aachen