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      Frankfurt/Osnabrück/Aachen, 13 November 2023

      Gaza: Relief organisations call for humanitarian aid

      Misereor, terre des hommes and medico international are calling on the German government to support a humanitarian truce

      Aid organisations Misereor, terre des hommes and medico international have condemned the ongoing attacks on social infrastructure and medical institutions in Gaza, some of which violate international law. A joint statement by the three organisations published today called the current situation in the enclave a humanitarian disaster.

      As aid organisations who have worked with independent Israeli and Palestinian organisations for decades, we are appalled by the most recent escalation of violence in the region. The atrocities committed by Hamas on 7 October mark a turning point in Israel, whose people continue to suffer from the consequences and their concern for those kidnapped. This violence cannot be qualified. Our partners have lost friends and colleagues. We share their anguish.

      We are extremely concerned that social infrastructure and medical facilities are the target of attacks, some of which contravene international law. The current situation in Gaza is a humanitarian disaster. The majority of the two million residents have no access to clean water or electricity, which is especially dangerous for small children and old people. Nearly 40 per cent of all hospitals have had to shut down, while the remaining hospitals are completely overwhelmed and on the verge of collapse. Vital surgical procedures cannot be carried out without electricity and blood supplies. After hundreds of thousands of people have fled to the southern part of the country, the inhabitants are living in cramped conditions. But even there, they are not safe from the bombardment. The people are increasingly suffering from hunger.

      We call on the German government to work towards ending this destruction and protecting the civil population in Gaza and in Israel from violence in violation of international law.

      The civil population in Gaza urgently needs humanitarian aid and human rights support. The right to humanitarian aid, like international law, are achievements that emerged from two terrible world wars that started in Europe. These rights are valid for everyone, worldwide and with no exceptions. Demanding these rights does not mean justifying terror and war.
      On the contrary: Providing aid is an important sign against terror and war.

      As aid and human rights organisations committed to humanitarian principles, we urgently call on the German government not to falter and to continue to work hard to ensure that aid can be delivered immediately and in sufficient quantities to save lives.

      As hard as it may be to comprehend in the face of the desperate situation in Israel and the Palestinian territories: The only way to provide security for all and remove the enemies of peace is to ensure prospects for the future for all and guarantee the rights of all people in the region.

      We call on the German government to advocate for a humanitarian truce that provides the foundation for a political perspective of peaceful coexistence in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

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