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      Frankfurt/Aachen, 15 OCTOBER 2023

      Gaza: Ensure compliance with international law

      Aid organisations: Supply of provisions in Gaza has collapsed

      For a week now, terror by Hamas and the subsequent Israeli military operations have been causing inhumane suffering. In view of the situation in Gaza, the aid and human rights organisation medico international and the development cooperation agency Misereor are calling on the German government to urgently appeal for international law to be complied with and the immediate establishment of humanitarian corridors for providing supplies for the people there. They are also calling for an end to the attacks on the civil population, civil infrastructure and medical institutions, which violate international law.

      Both organisations have worked with health services and human rights organisations in the region and in Gaza for years. "From everything we hear from our partner organisations, we know the situation is horrific. We are in the midst of a humanitarian catastrophe before the eyes of the world, and it is worsening at breakneck speed. Health services, electricity and water supplies have completely collapsed," said Tsafrir Cohen, Executive Director of medico international.

      High numbers of injured people in an overwhelmed health system

      The Israeli retaliatory strikes in response to the brutal attack by Hamas are hitting an already weakened health care system. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), currently many of the wounded are children and older people. The capacity limits of the hospitals have been exceeded. The high numbers of injured people have already overwhelmed the existing structures for days, WHO said. Without electricity or blood supplies, vital surgical procedures cannot be carried out, and it is nearly impossible to provide medical care during labour and childbirth. "Not only the war, but also treatable injuries and diseases are causing deaths in Gaza these days," Cohen said.

      We need humanitarian corridors

      The blockade of drinking water and fuel supplies has caused inventories to be practically depleted. "Supplies of water, fuel and electricity must be restored. We need humanitarian corridors – now. The people of Gaza cannot be held collectively responsible for Hamas' brutal attacks," explained Pirmin Spiegel, Misereor's Director General.

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