MISEREOR produces a range of publications on its focal topics each year. Here you will find these documents for your information and use.

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Shaping Economic Processes

Corporate Influence on the Business and Human Rights Agenda of the United Nations

Working Paper

This working paper gives an overview of the debate from the early efforts to formulate the UN Code of Conduct to the current initiative for a binding Treaty on Business and Human Rights.


Extractive Industries

Deep Seabed Mining


Treasure chest or another Pandora's box? In focus: the Pacific. Published 2016.


Food Security and Agriculture

Livelihood, Land Use and Customary Tenure in Yusomoso, Myanmar - Report of a Participatory Action Research

Publication of our partner organisation KMSS-Loikaw

This report is a result of a participatory action research (PAR) conducted by members of Yusomoso community in Kayah State/Myanmar between January and June 2016. The report documents the community’s natural resource management, customary tenure and governance system and proofs the community’s long and close relationship to and dependence on its land and resources.


Sustainable Agriculture - Key to Inclusive Rural Transformation

A Comparative Study

Based on Empirical Evidence from 20 Years of MISEREOR Partner Efforts in Uganda Uganda’s small-scale farmers could successfully intensify their agriculture, ensure their food security all year round and increase their income. A study commissioned by Misereor/KZE shows that agro-ecological methods are particularly effective to overcome rural poverty. Based on a survey conducted on a total of 714 rural households in ten districts, the study compares smallholder farmers receiving agricultural advisory services by Misereor partner organisations with reference farmers and tea out-growers. With comparable asset endowment, the smallholders practicing an agro-ecological agriculture do best by comparison.

  • Commissioned by MISEREOR/KZE

Climate Change & Energy

Climate Policy in Cities without Forced Evictions

Policy Document

Establishing Human Rights Principles in the Urban Agenda. MISEREOR Policy Paper on the 3. UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III).