MISEREOR Lenten Campaign

The world is full of good ideas. Let them grow. With this slogan the Lenten Campaign will draw attention to the fact that people can help themselves and others if their good ideas and approaches to tackling problems are recognised and supported.

Lessons learned in our partner country Burkina Faso contradict the clichés that portray the Sahel zone as the poorhouse of Africa. The Lenten Campaign's partner projects demonstrate how food and nutrition, and livelihoods, can be managed more reliably there even in periods of drought, using original methods, in one of the world's poorest countries and adapted to changes.

Burkina Faso – poor in rainfall, rich in creativity

Here almost half the population, most of whom are Muslims, are under 18 years of age; one in two people lives below the poverty line. For almost three quarters of the year no rain falls – in spite of which 80% of people live from cropping or livestock farming. The potential for developing these activities is also being jeopardised by the impacts of international trade policy. Nonetheless, MISEREOR's local partners are showing just how much is possible when local people's ideas are taken up, enabled to grow with start-up support from Germany, and scaled up.

  • Using a mini dairy, herdspeople are improving their market opportunities and are now producing yoghurt.
  • Small farmers are healing sick livestock using ointments made from tree bark and other ingredients that they have collected themselves.
  • Farming families are testing their own formulations for new, organic pesticides and minerals for animal feed that they will also sell if the tests are successful.

Initiatives of this kind improve incomes and food quality far beyond the villages where they originate; yet imports such as cheap powdered milk from Europe are jeopardising the market opportunities of local farmers. This is where, as consumers and responsible citizens, we too are called upon to act.

The ingenuity of people in Burkina Faso in the fight against hunger and changeable rainy seasons can inspire us. Let us help their ideas to grow with our donations.

On behalf of the Lenten Campaign team

Henry Schürmann

"'We used to have lots of animals, but we were still poor. Because when an animal is sick, you can't sell it. Thanks to DIOBASS (a MISEREOR partner) and the cure that has been developed, we are now able to sell our animals very easily."

Salam Sawadogo,
a farmer from Gambre Sale

MISEREOR Lenten Veil 'I am, because you are' 2017/2018 (by Chidi Kwubiri)

'I am, because you are' is a proverb from southern Africa. My human dignity is inconceivable without the human dignity of the other. Being human means being part of a web of relationships with God, our fellow human beings and nature. Mutuality and communion are inalienable aspects of the human condition.

The 21st Lenten Veil invites everyone to join a conversation on how human beings can become closer to each other and join forces in shaping the future of our planet. To tackle the crises we face today, we need to get everyone actively involved.

"What inspired me were (...) the rivers Niger and Benue. They join and coexist peacefully alongside each other, even though they originate from different sources. When these two forces of nature are able to (...) look at one another and say: "Look, I am, because you are", then this is precisely what I am trying to express."

Chidi Kwubiri,

The artist Chidi Kwubiri avoids making simple distinctions – woman / man, rich / poor, refugee / helper… First and foremost we are all human beings. Our differences remain, but through our mutuality they let in the other. The Lenten Veil encourages and urges us to dialogue with people of persuasions different to our own, with other religions, and with people who are not religious – in other words, with our fellow human beings.

To order the Lenten Veil and the set of materials including the accompanying booklet, the DVD, the picture sheets and the meditations, please click here: www.misereor-medien.de.

Our website www.hungertuch.de provides further information on the Lenten Veil and the artist, along with various multi-media items and a short film.

I am, because you are - The MISEREOR Lenten Veil 2017/2018


'I am, because you are' is an African proverb. It expresses the idea that personhood involves being part of a web of relationships. We are all dependent on each other. With this Lenten Veil MISEREOR is inviting everyone to join a dialogue on how human beings can shape the future together.


Lenten Veil 2015/2016


God and Gold - How much is enough?


Articles on the Fundamentals of the Lenten Campaign

Fundamentals of the Lenten Campaign 2017




Fundamentals of the Lenten Campaign 2016


Our common home – Our responsibility


Fundamentals of the Lenten Campaign 2015


During the Lenten Campaign 2015 MISEREOR will be inviting people to change course. Climate change, which is partly caused by human beings, requires us to think anew, so that globally just, peaceful and sustainable action can ensue. Causes and impacts of climate change are presented and discussed, taking the lives of poor fishing families along the coast of the Philippines as an example.


Fundamentals of the Lenten Campaign 2014


How do we wish to live, and how will we live?
Setting an agenda for a world without hunger


Fundamentals of the Lenten Campaign 2013


What is hunger?
According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), people are said to be suffering from chronic hunger when their food intake regularly provides less than the minimum energy needed for a healthy body and an active life.


Educational and other activities during Lent

Learning and getting actively involved together, collecting ideas and donations. For more information on this in German, click here

Guests from Burkina Faso

From Ash Wednesday onwards we will be welcoming bishops and partners of MISEREOR from Burkina Faso. For more information on the various guests in German, click here


January 2017 

MISEREOR staff and volunteers will be introducing the Lenten Campaign and providing groups and parishes with tips on how they can conduct activities.

26 February - 5 March  

The MISEREOR Lenten Veil pilgrimage will take the Lenten Veil from Würzburg to Trier for the opening of the Lenten Campaign.


1 March 

Ash Wednesday – beginning of Lent and the MISEREOR Lenten Campaign


1 March to 2 April 

Priests and partners from Burkina Faso will be the guests of parishes, schools and groups until MISEREOR Sunday on 2 April.


5 March 

1st Sunday in Lent: opening of the 59th Lenten Campaign in the Diocese of Trier; 10 o'clock mass will be broadcast on German TV.


12 March 

2nd Sunday in Lent – diocesan opening ceremonies in the Archdiocese of Bamberg and the Diocese of Augsburg


1 and 2 April 

The 5th Sunday in Lent will be MISEREOR Sunday, on which all Catholic parishes in Germany will perform the Offertory collection for the work of MISEREOR.


9 April Palm Sunday

13 April Maundy Thursday

14 April  Good Friday

16 April Easter Sunday