The 2018 Joint Lenten Campaign with the Church in India

Have you changed the world today? This is the challenging question we would like to pose for the seven weeks of this year’s Lenten season.

Sixty years after the establishment of MISEREOR, the world still needs change: more justice, more peace, greater stewardship of creation for a good life for everyone everywhere. This year, we are working closely with the Church in India in our efforts to reach this goal.

A good life for all

Together we ask what constitutes a good life and put this question to people in our dioceses, parishes, groups, and schools, in both India and Germany.

India: prospects in urban and rural areas

In India, MISEREOR's partners work to ensure a good life, in particular for those who are forced to live on the fringes of society. In the country, they are looking for solutions to the tangible effects of climate change. By taking suitable environmental protection measures, they preserve the quality of soil and water resources in their communities, thereby ensuring greater balance in the ecosystem. In the city, the people in the slums set up learning houses for children and training courses for women, so that the children get a basic education and women can earn a living. The work to strengthen the rights of both unskilled and skilled workers helps people towards a life of dignity.

Changing our world together

All over the world, the whole human family should be brought together 'to seek a sustainable and integral development' (LS 13), Pope Francis says in his Encyclical Laudato si‘. And no one should be left behind in the process.

To this end, MISEREOR invites people in Germany and beyond to take steps towards ensuring real quality of life at global level. Take the initiative – enter into a dialogue about how the Lenten Campaign in India and Germany can make our fasting, our sacrifice result in a better quality of life for many people. Your good ideas can help change the world and make it a more just place for all.

So let us set out together on this journey towards a good life for all people.

Thank you very much for your interest and your contribution!

Franz Gulde, Head of Development Education and Pastoral Work

MISEREOR Lenten Veil 'I am, because you are' 2017/2018 (by Chidi Kwubiri)

'I am, because you are' is a proverb from southern Africa. My human dignity is inconceivable without the human dignity of the other. Being human means being part of a web of relationships with God, our fellow human beings and nature. Mutuality and communion are inalienable aspects of the human condition.

The 21st Lenten Veil invites everyone to join a conversation on how human beings can become closer to each other and join forces in shaping the future of our planet. To tackle the crises we face today, we need to get everyone actively involved.

Articles on the Fundamentals of the Lenten Campaign

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During the Lenten Campaign 2015 MISEREOR will be inviting people to change course. Climate change, which is partly caused by human beings, requires us to think anew, so that globally just, peaceful and sustainable action can ensue. Causes and impacts of climate change are presented and discussed, taking the lives of poor fishing families along the coast of the Philippines as an example.


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What is hunger?
According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), people are said to be suffering from chronic hunger when their food intake regularly provides less than the minimum energy needed for a healthy body and an active life.


Educational and other activities during Lent

Learning and getting actively involved together, collecting ideas and donations. For more information on this in German, click here

Guests from India

Starting on Ash Wednesday, we will be welcoming bishops and MISEREOR partners from India. Click here for more information (in German) about the individual guests